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  • Six Questions About Coffee Capsules

    Time:2024/2/28 15:02:39

  • With the development of 5G technology, we are gradually entering a new era of consumption. Under the situation of consumption upgrading, more and more new types of packaging are appearing in the packaging market. Coffee capsules are rapidly becoming popular in many fields such as coffee, dairy products, cosmetics, etc. due to their novel, portable packaging form, easy-to-use, and high barrier properties. They have become a packaging form that many brands are paying close attention to and are optimistic about.

    So for you who are in the packaging industry, how much do you know about coffee capsules?


    01 Do you know the origin of coffee capsules?

    The concept of coffee capsules was born in 1976, specifically for capsule coffee machines. Under the leadership of Eric Favre, Nestlé launched the world's first coffee capsule product, Nespresso. In 1986, Nestlé officially separated its coffee capsule department, and Nespresso SA was officially established.


    02 Do you know the current status of the coffee capsule market?

    In 2022,80 billion capsules were filled globally, with an estimated market value of €31 billion. By 2027, an additional 10 billion capsules are expected to be produced.

    In this era that attaches great importance to consumer experience, consumption upgrades are reflected in all aspects. People not only have various demands for product quality itself, but also have higher and higher standards for packaging forms. Capsule packaging not only improves various The portability of similar products also improves the user's consumption experience and gives consumers a higher standard of enjoyment. The market prospects of capsule packaging in China are unlimited.


    03 What are the benefits of coffee capsules?

    Initially, capsule packaging was used in the coffee field. Because the capsule wall is relatively hard and maintains its shape well at high temperatures, high-pressure water vapor can be injected into the capsule, allowing the coffee to be completely precipitated with crema under the action of pressure. That is, crema-rich, rich espresso coffee, which can better ensure the aroma and mellowness of the coffee, and at the same time, the quality of each cup of coffee made can be basically consistent.

    Nowadays, capsule packaging, as an innovative packaging form, breaks the dimensional wall, breaks out of the coffee industry, and enters every field. With its novelty, portability, ease of use, and strong barrier properties. It has quickly gained the favor of consumers.