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  • The Second Prize of the 8th Wenzhou "Maker China"

    Time:2023/8/4 10:43:29

  •   Stimulate innovation potential and gather entrepreneurial resources. In August 2023, the Wenzhou subsidiary of Jiangsu Sunyi Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sunyi Machinery") was invited to participate in the 2023 "Maker China" Zhejiang SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Sunyi Machinery relies on high-quality products Quality, rich project experience, and strong technical strength stand out among many companies and won the second prize of the "Maker Group" finally.



    1. Promote the Transformation, Upgrading and Growth of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

      "Maker China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Wenzhou Regional Competition is co-sponsored by Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau, Finance Bureau and Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College. The "mass innovation" service platform integrating resource sharing and international exchanges has given birth to new products, new technologies, new models and new business formats, promoted the transformation, upgrading and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises into specialized and special new "little giants", and helped Wenzhou build a modern industry system to create a city of innovation.



    2. Committed to the FMCG Industry

      Since the launch of the event, many high-quality projects have been attracted to participate. After fierce competition and screening in the early stage, a total of 10 outstanding projects stood out. At the final scene, the roadshow part adopts the "8+4" mode, that is, an 8-minute roadshow and 4 minutes for judges to ask questions. The participating companies combined the PPT presentation to introduce the company's background, content, advantages, prospects, market and other basic conditions. After the unanimous decision of the judges, Sunyi Machinery's entry project "Overall Solution for FMCG Digital Factory" won the second prize of the Wenzhou Finals.



    3. Integrated Management System

      As an intelligent packaging manufacturing enterprise integrating intelligent, digital, flexible production solutions and data services, Sunyi Machinery not only demonstrated the company's research&development and project strength, but also demonstrated the company's full confidence in future business development. Behind the honor is the unremitting innovation and persistence of Sunyi Machinery. In the future, Sunyi Machinery will continue to consolidate its internal strength and increase investment in technology research and development. With the mission of "committed to becoming a first-line supplier of global intelligent packaging equipment", it will empower the strategic development of the company and help high-quality development in the field of fast-moving consumer goods.

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