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  • The Growth Space for Food Packaging Machinery

    Time:2023/10/8 13:32:43

  • 1. The Demand in the Packaging Machinery Industry is Stable, and the Domestic Trend is Emerging

    Packaging is an important link for goods to enter the circulation field, and packaging machinery is the main means of completing product packaging. The downstream coverage of the packaging machinery industry is wide, the industry space is broad, and the industry demand is stable and contains new opportunities.

    Packaging machinery automation can guarantee product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment, and save labor costs. It is one of the key factors that enterprises must measure in optimizing production processes and mass production.


    2. New Changes, New Products and New Retail in the Packaging Industry

    (1)Epidemic catalysis and changes in consumer demand have brought new demands for packaging equipment.

    Catalyzed by the epidemic since 2020, consumers prefer ingredients that can be stored for a long time to cope with crises that come at any time; consumers’ eating and consumption habits have changed, they are willing to try new tastes and flavors, are keen on complex nutrition and low calories, and seek natural Organic, craft and premium;

    Changes in consumer demand drive the development of the upstream food and beverage packaging machinery industry and bring new opportunities to the packaging machinery field. The popularity of new retail has brought about a wave of innovation in fast-moving consumer products. New product packaging is emerging in an endless stream, full of creativity, and the packaging of packaged food is developing in a differentiated and personalized way.

    (2)New retail promotes shorter update cycle of packaging machinery and creates new equipment demand.

    Since the new retail concept was put forward, this concept of leveraging 30 trillion GDP has officially announced the arrival of spring for the food packaging machinery industry;

    The rise of new retail has brought about innovative food and beverage packaging, and the research and development of new food and beverage products has created new demand for packaging technology, which is expected to bring new growth points for the packaging machinery industry.

    3. Intelligent Packaging is a New Development Trend That Brings New Growth Points to the Industry

    Intelligent packaging machinery applies sensing, communication, artificial intelligence and other technologies:

    Monitor various parameters of the production line, eliminate unqualified products, reduce the difficulty of food packaging supervision, and improve food production safety;

    Communication technology enables packaging machinery to be closely connected with food production, so that the equipment, functions and information involved in packaging are connected and fed back, saving time and efficiency.


    4. The Advantages of Intelligent Food Packaging Machinery are Highlighted and Will Become the Mainstream of the Industry in the Future

    In order to meet the high-speed operation of social needs, my country's food packaging machinery industry is developing rapidly in the direction of intelligent diversification. It can not only reduce the difficulty of food packaging supervision and improve the safety of food production, but also improve efficiency and reduce costs.

    The National Standardization Management Committee is also actively promoting the transformation of my country's food industry from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". It can be seen that in the future, intelligent food packaging machinery will greatly replace traditional food packaging machinery and become the mainstream of the industry.

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